Embrace Year-Round Coziness with Delights from Hawaiʻi

Embrace Year-Round Coziness with Delights from Hawaiʻi

When it comes to filling your space with warm and cozy fragrances, why limit yourself to just the holiday season? Instead, why not indulge in scents that give aloha vibes year-round? Say hello to the two perfect MOEĀ products.

  • Me Ke Aloha Candle: Tahitian Vanilla Bliss Imagine yourself on the Orchid Isle, Big Island of Hawaiʻi, surrounded by the gentle caress of floral-scented breezes. Our Me Ke Aloha candle and perfume rollers brings this delightful experience. This is infused with the essence of Tahitian vanilla—rich, sweet, and comforting. It's like a tropical hug for your senses. Itʻs like sending a beautiful hug! Aptly named, this phrase—Me Ke Aloha— is translated to mean “with love.”

Kona Coffee, Luxe Candle

  •  Cup of Kona Candle: Kona Coffee & Macadamia Magic As the holiday season approaches, the scent of freshly brewed Kona coffee and the sweet aroma of glazed Hawaiian Macadamia nuts beckon. Our Cup of Kona candle combines these delectable fragrances, creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere perfect for holiday gatherings or personal relaxation. Whether it's the morning sun or a chilly winter evening, this candle sets the mood for comfort and togetherness.

Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with the gift of these exquisite candles. So why wait for the holidays to enjoy the cozy scents of Tahitian vanilla and Kona coffee? With our candles and perfumes, you can savor the tropical paradise of Hawaiʻi all year long.