MOEĀ means “to dream or to imagine.”

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MOEĀ means “to dream or to imagine.”


In 2019, my close friend and esteemed Kumu Hula, Kina, invited me to partner in creating a line of self-care products that would authentically reflect the essence of Hawaiʻi – the place we both were both born and raised in.


Our vision was to amplify the voices, faces, and traditions of Pacific Islanders within the beauty industry. Despite our islands being renowned for their natural beauty, Hawaiʻi's rich cultural heritage and practices of wellbeing have often been overlooked in mainstream beauty discourse. We dream of someday changing that narrative by infusing modern creation with our authentic experience of creating and living in Hawaiʻi. We believe people want a piece of paradise, made in paradise. We also believe island beauty should mean sustaining island economy.


Our product line is a celebration of the seamless connection between nature and the soul, where plant based ingredients are blended to orchestrate a harmonious sensory experience. With every creation, we strive to imbue the essence of our island home – its vibrant mana and creative energy – along with our heartfelt intentions to uplift and inspire, this indescribable energy that can only be summarized as ALOHA.


Within a year of our launch, we were honored to be featured in all Target stores across Hawaiʻi, followed by international distribution in Japan. In addition to this online storefront we also have a featured store on the world's largest online marketplace, Amazon. These milestones reinforced our conviction that the rest of the world could benefit from Hawaiʻi's unique approach to self-care and beauty. Three generations of Pacific Islander women manage the day-to-day operations of MOEĀ in Kona, Hawaiʻi.


We are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to share our dreams and moʻolelo (stories) with you. Keep dreaming with us!


Me Ke Aloha,

Noella Callejo



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